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Found 9th Apr 2008
I want to buy my daughter a toy kitchen for her first birthday. Not a toddler type one, it needs to be for my 3 year old to play in aswell. Willing to go up to £100 if needs be. The 3 year old likes the rose cottage and kitchen set but without seeing one up I think it looks quite cheap and not sturdy enough for a toddler.
Any ideas the cheapest place to get it from aswell. Rep left for all helpful posts.
Thanks in advance



My 2 .5 year old daughter has had this since she was 1.5 it does the job and still plays with it constanlty, Have no issues with it and because it's barbie she love it. There is also a junior one @ £14.99 so you could get one each for both??


this cheapest place for rose petal cottage.I've not see one up so can't advise on quality and sturdiness.

As posted above the Argos offer,they had a Disney Princess one too,they look good,not sure if they any good for a 1yr old.Be hard to find one likely for 1 yr plus,they mainly 2 or 3 yrs plus.

i got ]this for my 3 year old for Christmas. It makes kettle boiling and frying pay sizzling noises and has a working sink (works by sucking up the water in the bowl and squirting out the tap). really good, she loves it!!!

My daughter who is 1 plays with this and its great.... very good quality!
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We got this one for our little girl (she had it when she was 13 months old and is now 16 months old)


She loves it, lots of cupboards to fill with toys and it comes with accessories. It's really sturdy and we use it as a kind of door gate so she can't get into the next room.

Our 7 year old son also plays with it although he won't thank me for telling you!!

The other Little Tikes kitchens are just as good it just happened the laundry one was the only one in stock when we got ours at Xmas time. I know it says out of stock on toysrus but I just showed that one as an example, they also sell other Little Tikes ones

We have quite a few Little Tikes things and always find them really sturdy, durable and once your child has outgrown them they are invariably in good enough condition to sell on at a good price. We bought a LT Thomas bed for our son for £150 had it for two years and sold it for the same price.

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Thanks. Really like the look of the £40 little tykes one but out of stock at the moment. There is a seller on ebay where I can get the rose petal cottage from for £40 as he is local. Anyone got one of these? Are they any good. Really not planning on having two kitchens. I already have a fisher price one I bought second hand for my son to see if he liked it 2 years ago, but now planning on selling that a getting a new one for them. Really can't think of anything else to buy as we have everything!

The Little Tikes one may be in stock in your local toysrus store so might be worth calling them?

My friend has got the ELC Wooden Island Kitchen which is really lovely but quite big and heavy, probably better if you have a playroom. Bit more than your budget but it's another that would last a long time. Again says out of stock but local store may have them elc.co.uk/toy…405

I would have considered this one if toysrus had it at the time, argos.co.uk/sta…htm
hopefully an argos near you have it in stock....!?

Good luck, I hope you find something.


whatever you do DONT DONT DONT buy this one argos.co.uk/sta…htm
We did and it is shockingly poor quality, made of micro thin plastic with sharp edges on everything and so flimsy our little girl leant on it and the whole thing collapsed. We took it back and got a refund!!
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