Toy plane that hangs from the ceiling and circles the room?

Found 21st Nov 2015
Hi, when I was younger I had a small plastic plane that hung from the roof and you could turn it on, throw it and it would fly in circles. I want to get one for a family member for Christmas but am really struggling to find anything. I've searched the below and found the odd one, all seem really expensive apart from Toys'r'us but there isn't one near me, and even £7.50 doesn't see that cheap.
plane on string
ceiling plane
hanging plane
Skyhawk (saw something suggesting this was the name)
And a few other things as well including airplane/aeroplane on the above.

Any ideas? It's the kind of thing I thought would be dirt cheap from china.
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This is the cheapest I can find at the mo but I'm working on it


Thanks, Toys'r'us is £7.50 + £5 postage so that's the benchmark, I could drive there but it's about 45 mins away, if I do that the benchmark is £7.50. Cheers for the help though. In America they're on amazon.com for like $8.
Have you tried Hawkes bizarre x
Thanks, couldn't see any on there. In the end I drove to toys'r'us, bi far but happy with plane, Disney as well and looks more child friendly than the old ones I had.
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