Toyota Aygo Airbag warning light

Posted 29th Jun 2011

The missus has just called me from work to say her Toyota Aygo Airbag Warning light has come on. She hasn't bumped the car but does anyone know what would cause this, could this be a fuse issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If under warranty get it booked in, probably going to be a delaership visit anyway tbf.

Some problems with airbag ECU's from a quick google.

Some have suggested have a fiddle with the plug that maybe under the passenger seat first, they soemtimes come loose.
I did do a google search but didnt come up with a lot of help!

It will shortly explode in her face and break her neck because, being female, she will be sitting far too close to the wheel and holding on for dear life at 24mph
looking around it looks as though people have paid between £250 and £400 to get it sorted.
Could simply be the connectors under the seats.
How old is the car? It could be as simple as a loose connector under the seat or as complex as a new ECU.

Your best bet is take it to Toyota
the car is 5 years old and has done 44000 miles.
Check under the seat first and wiggle the wire- too many people have been ripped off by garages- its probably a loose connection
If your worried but dont want to take it to a dealer, buy a toyota obd2 scanner.

£20 from a famous auction site
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