Toyota Celica 2006. Black. 20k mileage for £8000. Worth it?

    Does anyone have a celica, do they recommend me buying one and is the price above worth it


    no, no, and no. In that order.

    what he said ^^

    parts are expensive, thats only average mileage, and not a great price.

    Very average inside, bland interior and overall look just doesn't do it for me.......

    But if it's what you want then go for it.

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    thanks what would you recommend


    thanks what would you recommend

    Difficult to answer as people like cars for many different reasons.

    What i might like, you might hate etc.

    Is £8k ur budget or is that just the price of the motor you were looking at?

    Have you looked at any other models?

    If you like japanese sports go for a Nissan Skyline

    For starters the Celica is about 1.5k overpriced!

    Theres quite a few Audi tt's around that price.


    put in the details of the celica youre looking at and see the value.


    Get A Supra ;dddddddddd

    DONT get a rx-8 there knocking about cheap now for what you get but everything that comes with owning the car is a hassle and expensive.

    £8000 is a good price for an 06 Celica, but could depend on what trim it is!

    Theres a lot of 03 celicas with 60k on the clock for £6995 for example

    Guess its down to taste, but if you like coupes and want something a little sporty that isnt going to eat into your wallet with its hungry petrol costs the Celica is an excellent choice.
    I really like the Celica shape, and is cheaper to run then the Rx-8 and better than the Hyundai coupe, which are 'kind' of its closet looking rivals...

    Celica only looks good on the outside. 8k you can go for the old Honda Type-R, very reliable and fast.
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