Toyota Corolla 2005 Fault code any ideas????

Found 8th Jul 2015
Paid out over £500 to have 2 valves in cylinder 2 on my 3700 2005 toyota corolla. They were burnt out. Unfortunately the day after getting the car back the engine management light came back on. it's not running as lumpy as before but the timing still isn't right & loss of power. The garage said they are at a loss at to what it is and is showing blank fault codes. 1345H/4933 which is unusal as they usually start P0. I've rang toyota but they said they need to bring it in at £114 per hour. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you

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sorry 37000 miles it's done
Do you think it's linked to the valve work? If so, they need to sort it for you ... or get an independent report done by the AA or RAC or Mobile Mechanic
I read earlier about someone having an issue with the EMS after new parts were fitted and it was just down to the fact the repairer hadnt entered the parameters for the upgraded parts into the ECU software

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I am a fleet manager and always tell people to think about the garage they are going to, they do not intricacies of every engine or know they have done a through job on the car either.

Good dealers always win on tricky jobs b/c the mechanics tend to know the ins and outs better of there specific engines.

That aside, the head has come off and I don't think the cam management console or in this case the VVTI management sensor is working. It may be broken or it might not be fitted back correctly, or indeed the sensor has detected the timing controls and they have not been adjusted correctly. Hence, you are now running roughly.

I would google Toyota P1345 /Corolla P1345 or your specific engine and P1345 see where that leads you.

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Is it the VVTi engine? Had an avensis with similar problems and ended up getting rid of the car, put me off Toyotas altogether, even though they have such a good reputation.
get one of this for £16 or similar
read the code yourself and google the code, sometimes you can find what is wrong with the car, if its a common fault.
i've done this with our vw golf when the fault code light came on.
sometimes bit on the trial and error. by replacing certain parts.…55a
Well if the first code happens to actually be P1345 then that seems to point to timing being out, Possibly crank shaft sensor, Knock sensor etc..

Nothing relative comes up for the other code.

I suspect the garage are using a diagnostics tool that isn't fully compatible with your particular car.

For example on my car most ODB scanners detect a majority of engine fault codes but not all, Some codes require more specialist diagnostics such as in my case, vcds/vagcom.

I'd look up your nearest Toyota specialists or an auto-electrician that deals with Toyota as they should have the ability to read them properly.

In the meantime I'd avoid starting/driving it as that could cause even more damage.

This might be interesting in regards the P1345.

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I put it in originally for its mot which it flew through with no advisories. I booked it in for a service & mentioned that it was running lumpy & that the engine management light would intermittently come on & go off. They took it in serviced it & said it was misfiring. Checked the tappets etc. The compression should be 190 but mine was only running at less than half that in cylinder 2. They suspected the valves were burnt out. Which they thought was very unusual on a 3700 mile toyota. Anyway they said 2 valves were burnt out & had new head etc. cost me £505. Got the car back Thursday evening by Friday afternoon & about 20 miles later the light had come back on but this time permanent. You can still feel a very slight misfire when the car is stationary. but very small. I noticed even more loss of power. OK up to 30mph but after that flat to the floor on accelerator pedal but very flat to pick up speed. Took it back to the garage but they said it kept giving blank fault codes. Checked bits again. said I'd need to take it toyota. now they have rung this morning to say that they think it's the timing & are going to look again at no cost to me. Watch this space. Thank you for all your advice
P1345 apparently is VVT Sensor Circuit on a Lexus, which is close, and further looking seems to imply this is the same for a Toyota. This *might* be correct but I am only working from what Torque Pro tells me the code means and it is based on adding the P.

Further searching online seems to list:

"Toyota: Variable valve timing sensor - LH bank - circuit malfunction."

P4933 gives me nothing though.

I dunno how reliable this info is though, hopefully it helps but it may not be correct so don't go doing anything drastic based on this.

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