Toys R Us are holding an autism-friendly / additional needs browsing event in ALL Stores Sunday 8th Oct

Found 25th Sep 2017
Having a nephew with autism I know how hard it can be for him (and his siblings / parents) when they go out shopping, it's not always easy to leave him at home & they do try to take him as much as possible, but he is badly affected by noise / lights, so they are always on the lookout for these type of events.
Hats off to Toys R Us for doing this again & love the fact that in stores affected by Sunday Trading Laws, they'll let you return later that day to pay for them (so avoiding the waiting time with kids in the queues)
Full info below

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Toys 'R' Us are to hold an autism-friendly browsing event for families affected by autism and additional needs.
The event will take place on the morning of Sunday 8th October and will offer the opportunity for families to enjoy an hour of browsing, discovering gift ideas, and experience an everyday environment that may not always be easy for children affected by autism to cope. Families will have the store exclusively to themselves for an hour.

Every Toys “R” Us will alter conditions within the store to ensure a successful and enjoyable event is achieved. Lights will be slightly dimmed and fluorescent lighting reduced where possible. Music and Tannoy announcements will be switched off during the event and autism-friendly signage will be utilised to offer a more calming influence and a quiet zone will be available should the need arise.
The Stores will open 1 hour prior to official store opening times. Due to Sunday Trading legislation, Toys “R” Us stores in England, Northern Ireland and Wales are unable to perform any sales transactions, process any Direct purchases or complete any returns until the official store opening time at 11am (England & Wales) or 1pm (Northern Ireland).

This may cause concerns to some families whose children may struggle with the patience of waiting between choosing their items and being able to pay for them due to Sunday Trading laws. Any parents, who wish to return later that morning to pay for shopping, will be offered this opportunity. Scottish stores will be able to carry out transaction straight away.

England and Wales - 10am to 11*am,
Scotland - 9am to 10*am,
Northern Ireland - 12am to 1*pm.
Exceptional Times – There may be exceptional times in some Shopping Centres, For further information on your local event, please contact your local Toys “R” Us store.

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