Toys R Us layaway Scheme - Help spread the cost of Christmas at Toys R Us

Most of us have started our Christmas shopping by now, so thought this was worth a mention. Toys R Us offer a layaway scheme to help spread the cost of Christmas.

>>‌ Link to more informtion about the Layaway Scheme at Toys R Us<<

• Choose your items instore, go to checkout, tell the cashier you want to do a layaway.
• They will give you a form to fill in.( it's not a credit check)
• The cashier will scan all your items, you will have to pay 20% of the total on the day, plus a £5 administration fee.
• Make additional payments at any time or pay your balance in full before your reservation term has ended.

It's not a credit or finance agreement, there's no credit check, no ID required, it is so simple!

You can add anything to a layaway, including toys, items from Babies R Us, video games, games consoles. If you buy products on special offer, that will be the price you pay when you pick up your items.

More info…as/


Great idea, not sure about the steep £5 administration fee .....:|

Save the 5 quid admin fee and put a tenner in an empty and washed out tin of beans every week and hide in the back of your cupboard behind the other cleaned out bakes bean tin that holds your leccy money.

most of us have started our Christmas shopping? I haven't!

Good way for young families to buy stuff for christmas, especially with consoles and games costing a fair bit..

I do not think the £5.00 admin fee is a good thing though. many stores used to do layaway and do it for free.

£5 admin fee and more expensive prices normally good old toys r us.

My issue is that you might as well save the cash and buy the items when on a deal elsewhere.

Are people seriously complaining about paying £5 admin fee! They are helping people out who can't afford to pull all the money out at once! I don't know any other shops that do that! And they are storing the items for you aswell!

I offer my customers the same thing...just without the harsh £5 fee oO

Howling about people complaining about the £5 fee.

Wait, so they store my gift(s), let me pay it off weekly/monthly, all without having a credit check, and they want £5.

Big Yellow Storage 9sq ft from £3.74 p/w.
Wonga short term loan (35 days) Borrowing £400 + £112 = £512

This is a great thing for them todo, for people who are really hard up for cash, and dont wish to pile on the debt that these short term lenders do!

Hot deal Toys r us!!
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