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TP Hit driver on insurance document!?

Posted 19th Mar 2014
I have just gone through new insurance for my car, sent in my proof of no claims etc.. now Tesco have sent through my updated policy (?) dated today 19th of March 2014 and on it under the accidents, claims and losses section there is an entry exactly a year ago:

Drivers name: Proposer
Date of incident: 19th March 2013
Brief details: TP hit driver
At fault?: No

I have never had an accident, never hit anyone or been hit by anyone (at least not that i noticed and i had certainly not had any notification of such from my insurance company).
The only other explanation would be my wife but she put on my insurance until May last year when she passed her test, so that is out.

I'm going to call Tesco later... but I don't suppose anyone could offer up any explanation as to how this came to be on my insurance document?
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Well, the "TP" is "Third Party" which would suggest that someone "hit" you, which is why you are not at fault. Have you ever noticed any damage on your car and wondered "Where the hell did that come from?" I'm just speculating that someone may have nudged you in a car-park and reported it to their insurance co. quoting your reg - but because you never reported anything to YOUR insurer (why would you) they never took action - as the TP had admitted fault.

Or it's simply an error, of course. Only Tesco will be able to comment. There should be a better explanation of the 'incident' on their database.

Regards, Phsy.

a) Human errorb) Computer errorc) Any other errord) Aliense) Breach of … a) Human errorb) Computer errorc) Any other errord) Aliense) Breach of the Data Protection Actf) All of the aboveUnless anybody reading this thread has issued your documentation, I would call Tesco, as you suggested.

There's no such thing as a computer error
think man! that's exactly 1 year ago today.

I too have non fault details of an accident on my renewals, it's recorded for 5 years!

don't know why it should be there if a driver was not at fault?
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