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Posted 6th Jul 2020
Hi, I’m looking to buy one of these products but unsure of the model I’m after. Basically I want to get connectivity in my garage. Was planning on using the adapter to plug into the router in the house and have the second plug in the garage but I wanted it to be Wi-fi. Is this possible or are they all purely for connecting a device in via LAN RJ45 cabling?

Thanks in advance
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You can get both. You can get powerline adapters that would produce a wifi signal at your garage. I have a set. The wifi produced from them is alright to be honest. The ones below are the ones i have. Not sure if they're good value for money or not, but you'd just need to search for "powerline adapters with wifi" and shop around.…F8I

Those are the correct ones with wifi. Sorry.
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I have these and I get frequent dropouts when I'm wired into them. Haven't managed to get wifi to work on them either, probably because It didn't work first time so I just left them and it's not that important to me. I only get speeds of 85 meg with them too, and 380 meg from my router. So I can't recommend these, but I had Netgear ones before these, and never had a single dropout in 7 years with them.
If you have the plain LAN versions, you can use a box called a 'Access Point' (or sometimes routers will let you configure to be access point, in case you have an old one sitting around).

You would plug the access point into the Garage powerline adapter LAN port and it would turn it into a wireless point for the garage.
I would take a look at the adapters made by Tenda. A lot more reliable and better performance compared to TP link. I think they have WiFi models too
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