TP-Link Deco Setup - Confused

Posted 27th Aug
I received my S4 Deco triple pack the other day and finally got round to install/set them up this afternoon. I have Virgin Media SH3 for my Broadband and Sky Q + 2 mini Q's. When I first one up, connected it to the Super hub and the Deco set its own WiFi up. Do I have to now go around my house reset my devices to the new Deco WiFi? My Sky Q boxes are connected to my existing WiFi name, but I tried to connect them to the Deco WiFi but they didn't seem to like it for some reason. I've seen some people say put the hub into modem mode, but others say you don't need to. Anybody able to help or advise please?

Many thanks.
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No put the super hub into router mode and go into the deco and set the ssid/ network name as it was on the router. Us the 5G name.

one watch out if you have smart plugs set up the ssid on the guest network with the old 2g name.

if you have ever changed the router ssid you might need to reset the router back to its origins setting as we had issues with speeds on the deco. No idea why but resetting the router back to factory fixed it
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There are 2 options for the 'Operating Mode', if you are keeping your existing router then you need to set the Deco's into Access Point mode and this will then simply extend your network and create the Mesh
Thanks for the tips and advice, much appreciated I'll have a retry tomorrow, when my brain is recharged (hopefully)
The hub is absolute trash, I would put the hub in modem mode and use the Deco set as your new WiFi. There is numerous problems caused when you have 2 different wireless networks running, which is the case if you don't switch the hub to modem mode.
You would need to connect one of the Deco units as the router, and have an ethernet cable linking it to the hub. The hub in modem mode only has one active ethernet slot, so you wouldn't be able to use any others without a switch.
Sky Q boxes are renown for having issues with other mesh networks, as they have their own which clash. Those are better connected via ethernet if you have the option. I haven't looked at the Deco units, but I'm assuming they have at least one ethernet port you could use to connect the Sky Q boxes.
Thanks @JohnnyRoller i'll have a play around at the weekend to see what works best.
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