TP-Link TL-PA411 500mb Homeplug Problem adding 3rd Homeplug

Found 14th Feb 2013

Im having some problems adding a 3rd homeplug to my existing network setup. The model of the homeplugs are TP-Link TL-PA411 AV500 500MB. I purchased a third one so i can put it in my bedroom to have a wired connection to my Smart TV and Xbox 360. I connected the new one and pressed the 'Pair' button on the existing homeplug and also the new one, but nothing! Its definitely not faulty as i swapped it with my old homeplugs and it still works fine, but trying to add a third homeplug is driving me crazy lol!

My current setup is:

Downstairs - Virgin SuperHub (Modem Mode) - Homeplug 1
Upstairs - Apple Airport Extreme Router - Homeplug 2

Want to add:
Bedroom - Xbox 360 - Homeplug 3.

Any ideas where im going wrong?
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Tried them all in the same room?
Tried resetting it/them?

Tried them all in the same room?Tried resetting it/them?

Yeah no luck.
Any ideas guys??

If it helps, the 3rd homeplug isnt getting an IP Address???
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Instead of pairing via the button which should give all 3 the same password you could try manually instead attaching each to your desktop/laptop and following the instructions supplied with each homeplug to manually give each the same password.
Hi anil,

Read page 22 of the user guide...

In fact you'll probably find the whole thing useful
I used to have a similiar problem and it seemed to be because the modem was connected to router via a homeplug rather than directly.
What should work better is to enable your superhub router fully and then disable its wireless, connect your AirPort Extreme to your superhub using homeplug and put it in bridge mode(your extreme)

I have the set up above except I have airport express rather than extreme.

Or keep your superhub in modem only and connect your extreme to it directly and then put a homeplug into extreme and then homeplugs all over the house.
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