TPLINK plugs an Ethernet switch vs Sky Hub

    Hi, I wonder of you guys can help.
    in the back room I have an ol TPLINK switch 100bps type (not gigabyte) plugged into an old set of home plugs tp 406e.
    my question is would swapping the switch for an sky hub router make any (noticeable)difference in (wired)speed what so ever, ?...many thanks


    Depends on the connection speeds of the home plugs and switch.

    no 100mbps is pretty much your limit for internet speed unless you're on something like virgin 200mb "gaming" connection. the only difference you might get is better intranet (not interent) transfers but I doubt that since sky likely uses crappy routers. and even then if you have gigabit Ethernet on them sky hubs the other end still needs to be gigabit compliant to see the benefit. but ad stated it won't make your internet faster
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