Tracing Family

    im trying to trace my half sisters grandad for her any ideas where i can start.

    ive tried and genes reunited and still no joy , i went to local libary for electol registed and its difficult shes not seen him in 27 years and no one knows if hes still alive we have a giude age of 85 + and a location he used to live but hes moved no idea where to .

    any advice would be appreciated .


    do a google search on 'ancestry'.........there is a great website on there, with help for family trees etc...

    Have you got his full name and last known address ?

    Original Poster

    full name and a last known location but not complete address , know details like his wifes name etc


    if you know the area you could try an ad in the local paper, i oftern see them in the paper where people are looking for school pals and family etc


    If you know someone who is a member of Genes Reunited you could do a search there
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