Tracing withheld Phone calls on Land line

Posted 2nd Jun 2015
Please can anyone tell me how to trace a Withheld phone calls to that come to your landline
When you pick up the phone they go silent and cut off
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You cant

You cant


I don't think it's possible to trace a withheld number, wether it be on a landline or mobile.
Otherwise, what'd be the point in having a withheld number?
Why not contact police or bt om sure they can block or do something about it as its nuisance behavoiur
It is possible if it is a case of Malicious comms / harassment etc... You first need to contact the police and log an incident.

Once you have the incident number / crime number from the police you can pass it to your service provider along with what is required. If you have times and dates of calls it is much easier.

Your service provider will then pass the info to the police who can discuss with you how to progress it.

Apart from that there is no other way I know of getting it, the phone company will not assist you without a police reference number
The only way you may be able to is through your phones service provider and police. If you have issues with the caller the provider can contact the police to start a trace. Virgin Media offered me this once when I had an abusive call from a witheld number. Sadly our landlines are not our own. Merely rented and we have no control over who calls the number. Silly but true.
Its probably computerised dialing from a cold caller. We get them all the time.
Police can see who's calling even if you've hid your number.
As previously mentioned 80% probability its a cold caller, when you answer if you do not immediately say hello/speak the dialler will drop the call, if you speak it auto connects to an agent. Speak next time and see if you can find out whos calling you. The other option is have all withheld numbers blocked on your line, your service provider should be able to do this. BT definitely can.
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its an autodialler as stated above, the machine dials more numbers than there are operators available, the first people to answer get connected to an operator and the rest get a silent call, its so that the operators aren't wasting time dialling a number that may not get a reply
Best thing to do , buy a new phone that has in built features that will stop these calling from ringing your phone . Your phone will still get a call even if your ex directly as numbers can be generated by computerized dialers , but phones such as the BT8500 will stop overseas caller ,withheld numbers , etc . The phone displays a call but does not make the phone ring . I bought this phone a couple of years ago as I was plagued with calls from Pakistan & India . NO overseas calls get through , I get the occasional PPi message left on the answerphone but that's all.
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