Track my lost Iphone 3G??

    Is there any way to track my lost Iphone i heard there was a way?
    Thanks in advance


    There is an app but you need to set it up before you lose it...…t=8

    only if simcard is still in it but i doubt they would do it for you because its usaly just the police that have acces to that to see where ppl were last etc

    You have had the sim blocked ?

    A good lock screen + honesty will help.

    Even with "Find my iPhone", it is always a good idea to set an explicit Lock Screen, with a phone number to reach you.

    You can do it by creating an image from your PC or directly on your iPhone/iPad with my app called A+ Signature. See:…spx

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    DOH! I have lost it over a week ago and got phone blocked. Looks like im stuck then?

    Look for the nearest chav around, then follow them.

    I take it this "Find my iPhone" App only tells you what street it's in but will not give you the Address it's at ?

    Just like to know so if it's lost/stolen I can find my Victim.

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    Only just realised i had given the wrong IMEI when i reported it lost last week as it was a replacement! So just rang up to block it, so bet phone has just cut off on them LOL!!! maybe now they will try to return it now for a reward.
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