Track you partners mobile phone for free!!!

Posted 29th Sep 2008
ever wondered where your parner is?

are they really at work or where they say they are?

well with this site ou can track their mobile phone and see...


this site will track any mobile phone number
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sorry couldnt add hyperlink before
Or you could just ask them lol
very funny seen this loads of time
lol - might want to mention in the 1st post that it's not very work friendly!

Stalkers will love this site! I personally don't think you need to be stalking others, also, I don't want people checking up on where I am :-) xx
Lol thats great
lol, very funny x
might be more usefull for the boss as "www.trackyourstaff.com"
Not too sure how long this post will last ...... funny though ..
lol @ all the people who actually think its real
:w00t: ;-) :thumbsup:
well being at work its your own risk with clicking on links

but i agree this is not for a family friendly site

was one posted before, dont think it was quite as graphic if i remember, or rules weren't as strict
I just laugh at the amount of people complaining about the link without actually clicking it to see what it is.
would prefer track my house/car keys :thinking:
is it just me or does this not work?

is it just me or does this not work?

Me too.

is it just me or does this not work?

Doesn't work for me either
superb ha ha ha
Seen it before, but always worth a post as a reminder or what I was up to!
:giggle: love it!
yer very good. very very good.

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