tracker funds- any good?

    isa tracker funds.....

    what are they?
    best way to invest?
    can anyone recommend the low cost funds?


    you no longer thinking of the shares anymore? I thought we were together on this.:roll:

    That's the LAST tihng we need - The FSA sniffing around here because unqualified and unregistered people start to give out un-authorised Investment Advice!?
    You shouldn't even be THINKING of getting any kind of 'advice' from a site like this - which is plainly not authorised nor qualified to do so.
    The Rules on Investment and Fiancial Promotions are not ambigous in any way, and are there to protect you - me - the average investor - from eactly this type of thing.... It is one thing discussing this with your mates down the .... pub/restaurant/golf course, and quite something else to discuss it on here...
    Don't get me wrong, I am not rying to sound like a kill joy - I just know that this sort of thing -even more so given the current state of the markets - should not at any cost be discussed here.....
    For everybodys good - imagine what would happen if somebody said YES!!! FILL YOUR BOOTS THIS ONE IS GOING TO THE MOON! Its a FANTASTIC PRICE/DEAL!!

    Then others followed, and then the unthinkaboe (or not so as we struggle with the current sense of Financial Armaggedon) happened...... There would be loads of compliants and what not to our lovely friends in Canary Wharf the FSA about this site giving Investment Advice without proper disclaimers and so on.....

    Not good!

    if you want a tracker ISA or similar you can get £110 from quidco for opening a legal and general one....that's not advice though incase the cat gets his knickers in any more of a twist
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