Tracking Ebay purchases through Quidco

    This may seem like a bit of a strange question, but does anybody know how long it usually takes for Ebay purchases to be tracked in Quidco?

    I have made a few purchases online over the last week or so and the La Redoute ones appeared almost instantly but the ones I have made through Ebay still aren't there.


    usually track in a couple of days

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    Weird, I must have screwed it up then.

    Does it work OK if your ebay account is already logged in actively in that browser session and you just click on the link via Quidco to continue?

    Also, do you actually have to bid when going through the Quidco generated link? As I have just been using it when going through checkout and have been logging into Ebay as normal the rest of the time.

    Damn i ALWAYS forget they are on Quidco arghhhh

    just go through quidco to pay dont have to bid through there

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    Well that's what I have been doing, I think they're just trying to mess with me, I already had to deal with them randomly locking my account out yesterday which took a bit of a while this morning to sort out.
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