Tracking HK post?

Found 29th Oct 2012
Anyone track this item?


Search through quite a few website and nothing seems to work? Was posted on 22nd
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Neither work
Was it posted from HK or to HK?
Normally the parcel gets assigned another tracking number once it arrives UK.

If it was posted from hong kong on 22nd, expect to receive it around 4 weeks later.

I've never been able to track my items sent by hk post
i was able to track two parcels before but cant find anything to track this one.

Its from HK to UK, they say it will be delivered via parcelforce. But obv the HK tracking number wont work with them online.
your best bet would be to e-mail HK post
The parcel will probably have a different tracking number, if it was from an auction style website, they will often add a useless tracking number, this allows them to maintain a fast 'shipping time'. In reality, the item is probably still being processed.

Just sit tight and you will either find they will update it with the real tracking number or it will just turn up.
Yeah, sometimes they just turn up. I tend to use HK or China post alot and never had any 'go missing'.

Just wondered if someone could get more joy with the tracking than i could.
If you check 'RB032641853GB' on the Parcel Force website, it does have a record.

This could be a coincidence with a domestic shipment, however it may mean your item has been registered on the PF site.

HK Post is still painfully slow though, no doubt Parcel Force will treat it as a 3 Day service when it does get here as well.
I assume it doesn't start tracking until it gets to our shores...
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Thank you Simon, it wasnt showing for me a few days ago and i prob wouldnt have re-checked so thanks buddy, at least i think its in the UK now if PF have a record of it.
Hey guys and girls. Quick update.

Turns out he gave me the 'wrong' tracking info. RA501737317CN Is the new one. Says it is in this country on the 8th so obviously being passed around customs and various people to have a nose at.

How long does it take for it to reach me from here, does anyone know? Its a package for a friend and its already overdue from when i said it would get here.

Any help is, as always, appreciated
I had something delivered from HK a few weeks back - took about 3 weeks to reach me in total.
Did you track it at all? If so, did you notice the time period from it arriving in the UK to being in your hands?

Did you track it at all? If so, did you notice the time period from it … Did you track it at all? If so, did you notice the time period from it arriving in the UK to being in your hands?

I didn't track it - didn't even mean to order it tbh, got it with the free £5 ebay voucher that was posted, had 2 things in my basket and removed the wrong one, so wasn't all that bothered whether it turned up or not.
Ah right ok buddy cheers for the reply
Anyone have an idea how long this will take?
UPDATE: Came today
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