Tracking Something Down!

    Hi everyone, got quite a bizar and hard to understand story here, lol.
    Basically, i bought something from ebay, the person sent it by recorded delivery, althoguh it was worth £80, but i though oh well should be okay, but doesn't recorded only cover up to £25?, then, anyway, i was told it got posted on saturday, then i was ready on monday morning to recieve the package but fell asleep between 7 and 9, woke up at 9 n missed da postman not happy lol.....

    Anyways, he'd left one of them notes you get to tell you to go to your Local PO after so many jours (3 hours in my case), ryt, so i goes down to the PO at 12, knowing it had deffinatly been 3 hours atleast, and the postman says, no sorry not back yet, wasnt worried as i just though o well try in a few hours... so went back at 1.30.... he shakes his head when i walk in, so i turned round, went home... came back at 2.45, walks in, he looks all confused and says everything is back and your postmans back but he hasnt got your parcel :O:O:O gutted lol, anyways, not too worried as he says he'll probs of just kept it at home and deliv tomozza, so now i wer a lil gutted! lol anyways he gets ma number says ill ring you today or later on... no ring tyl monday, o were do you live he says, incase we need to phone you for any reason, so i told him etc, then goes down to the PO on tuesday because it hasnt came yet!

    So... i goes in, he says, sorry, we dont know wer it is.. think wev put it back into the system adn it will be delivered 1st class fro weds or thurs,,,, weds goes by... thurs (today) goes by... nothing, so he rings up and says wait till satday! :(:(:( so not appy at this point,,,, then to top it all off look at my recorder thing on web and says delivered and signed for on weds 14th may wat the hell! lmao... so yh...

    Anyone put any light on this if theyv bin able to read it wiv out gettin bored! lmao

    Cheers, danny.


    Was the item a new keyboard ?

    no idea what you can do, postman stole my copy of GTA 4 too, sure the 'spelling etc' police will be along soon though

    Original Poster

    Lmao, no, a PSP
    slim and lite

    Wouldn't the postman have knocked if he had a parcel for you and wouldn't you have heard him?
    Mind you I am such a light sleeper.
    Sounds dodgy to me, did they say who signed for it?

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    lol, init they will... and im suspicous, i think he has robbed it you know.. and signed for it himself and left a note at my door tyo cover himself??? what you think?

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    No, just on the web, the man at PO hasnt got a clue! i dont know wat to do now, i think someones lyin


    i type like that when dissed off

    what did he nick

    On the Royal mail website have you checked the electronic proof of delivery to see who signed for it?
    It is the sellers responsibility to make sure an item arrives safely- are you buyer protected on ebay if so you will probably get your money back but the seller will only receive £34 back from tyhe post office as this is what royal mail recorded delivery covers up to.

    Ask the PO for proof of who signed for it.

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    yhyh : siknote, its well frustfrating to know it was right outside ma door at one point though.. if only !!! lol, thats if ever
    yones telling there story right!

    yeah with recorded you should be able to see electronic signuatre online too i think, and ask for proof of signature at your local post office


    lol, init they will... and im suspicous, i think he has robbed it you … lol, init they will... and im suspicous, i think he has robbed it you know.. and signed for it himself and left a note at my door tyo cover himself??? what you think?

    Yep sounds like - although it is too easy to blame the postman.
    There must be alot of posties who come on here - maybe they could shed a bit of light on it.

    sounds well dodgy mate, if its been signed for then you need to get back down there and start kicking up a fuss , i work for royal mail mate you need to complain and it will get investigated pronto, sit back and nowt will happen cos as far as anyone is aware its been delivered.

    Oh..are you sure a neighbour didnt sign for it, ive known postmen put the card thru the door then as they are walking away a neighbor comes out and offers to take the parcel.

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    yhyh, init, im just hoping, becasue its a different stroy really... its not like it didnt turn up at all. then id sort of accept it... and take the 35 n accept a 45 loss... but im just so gutted with how it was right outtside my door, do you think i can have a case with th royal mail as it is at the end of the day human error... no machinery, its there paid workers not doing there job porperly! wat you think?

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    yhyh.. im going down 2mzza if it doesnt turn up in tyhe post, get on the phone to the royal mail. but would they just say no problem sir.. its a 35 refuynd? all though i dont feel thats good enough!!! i feel sorry for the guy too. as it is not there fault at all bloddy royal mail eh!

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    yhyh, iv asked the neighbours and they dont have a clue.. .and non of em would be lyin cos i know em all reli well and theyv taken stuff for m before lol gutted

    sounds wierd mate, oh and if the parcel has been signed for it aint gonna be that simple to claim on it they will say its been delivered, the postman needs questioning, catch him in the morn and ask him what he did with it.

    did you collar the postman then?

    Mackay's suspended atm lol.

    BTW, I posted out your game today if your reading this

    ......Hope it doesn't get stolen by the postie !
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