TrackMania Nations Forever FREE FREE FREE

    Ok great Game Great price Totaly Free!!!!

    Download today play Later..…tml


    Needs to go in the Freebie section dude, looks good tho!

    thanks for the reminder

    Good game, shame there isn't an xbox360 version

    Trackmania the only game I play ... UKFC Rock thanks

    I have moved this to the misc forum as we generally do not allow downloads as deals/freebies. Thanks.

    Is this a new version of TM: Nations? I used to love that game!

    yes its the new version


    Does this have that horrible STARFORCE protection that other Trackmania games have, that can cause your cd/dvd writers to stop working etc. ?

    Much as I wanted to buy Trackmania Sunrise & United when they came out, the horribly intrusive protection method put me right off.....

    See here for an example of what I'm talking about :…tml


    It'sa load of rubbish, it doesn't stop your drivers working it happened … It'sa load of rubbish, it doesn't stop your drivers working it happened to like 1 person and got blown out of proportion.

    Hmm, well if you read the Starforce forums, the Starforce Wiki page, and many other independent web-sites, it's VERY clear that this protection system has caused problems for a lot more that "1 person".

    I'm sure it doesn't affect most people, but as someone who relies on thier cd/dvd burners on a daily basis for thier business, I'm not taking any chances by installing a protection system that has such a bad rep.

    That's just me though.

    Back to the original question, does this version include Starforce or not ? Thanks !
    Since it's free I'm guessing "No", but clarification would be much appreciated.

    I think you may get issues with your pc if you are using a dodgy copy , as you have to disable your IDE optical and use a virtual one ..

    It may well even cause damage to a main board , not that I know first hand or anything :P

    great deal!! Some of you guys on here need to get a life!!

    I'd download it

    But Virgin Media dont like me downloading big files at "Peak Time" and i dont fancy being on 1Mb till the early hours of the morning
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