Found 12th Oct 2009
Would anyone swap an electric guitar of a electric bass ???
Just need opinions
The guitar has one string missing

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Original Poster

Do u ave a bass?

yes mate, i've played bass for about 10yrs..... what make are the instruments?

Original Poster

Encoine or sumfin like that

Encore? Do it. bass is for winners.

Original Poster

wot bass guitar ave u got and what region in the UK do u live???

i have a fender precision special, an Ibanez Musician fretless and double bass. I live in yorkshire.

Original Poster

wot one was u gonna swap???

Original Poster

and wot colour r they?

i think you may have misunderstood dude, i don't personally want to swap any of my instruments, i'm merely pointing out that i would swap a guitar for a bass, because i love the bass. i assumed you were swapping with one of your mates or somthing.soz.
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