Trade Depot Swansea Closing Down - Sale On

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Found 12th Jan 2009
OK, I know what your thinking...should post in the deals page...but to tell you the truth, my dad text me earlier, so rather than risk being shot down in flames coz I havent got any examples of whats for sale, I thought I'd just post here and give anyone thats local, a heads up, so they can make of it what they will...

Knowing the depot itself, it will have some awesome stuff to get rid of. Will be popping in after work tomorrow, so will post again if anything outstanding pops up

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The one in Basingstoke is closing down in feb.

Thanks Pan - would have voted HOT

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If you get down there before me tomorrow, stick a post up with any goodies...Im after a new mixer bath tap and brushed stainless single light switches

they're all closing down. B&Q decided to close them all apparently

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Yea, did a search before posting and it seems the news was announced back in November...seems to be now filtering through to store closings

the manager of one of our local ones used to be a manager for B&Q but he transferred to home depot about 6 months ago, bloody regrets it now though

Just been down the local. 3 boxes of 200 screws (£1), 3mx2.7m dust sheet £4, 5l of white spriti £3. Going back to buy loads of 3m of twin wall corrigated sheet @ £5 (rrp £26)
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