trade in bayonetta for battlefield 2 thread?

    as title, can someone find it for me?
    The useless search facility not finding it for me.

    rep waiting. thanks


    Vaild until 18th march in game stores. Add 9.99 on top

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    Vaild until 18th march in game stores. Add 9.99 on top

    thanks i assume its nationwide? and is it for ps3 or xbox?…92-

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    According to one member when he enquired they told him it was only available to those trading in 360 versions on the game (won't say whether or not you can trade a 360 copy from the list for a PS3 version of BFBC2 seeing as the promotional poster is contradictory to it's T&C).

    Will consider calling my local GAME to get confirmation as to whether or not the promotion also applies to the PS3 version or not.

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    thanks mate repped :thumbsup:
    its only xbox :x


    thanks mate repped :thumbsup:its only xbox :x

    Have you tried ringing your local Game to see what they say (use "saynoto" to find your local number and not pay the premium number)?

    It could be that the member who enquired spoke to someone who did not know the full details of the offer.

    Only reason I speculate this is because the promotional poster in the original thread states also available for PS3 and PC - what I don't understand is why they wouldn't extend the offer to the PS3 platform in regards to both the trade-in list and the version of BFBC2.

    Furthermore if it was an error in publication of the promotion surely it would of been removed from the Game website however the link to the .pdf file is still live.

    Worth bringing the promotional poster (printed out/on your phone) and asking your local if calling them in advance doesn't help.
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