Trade In Deals for Dirt 3

    I am looking for any good trade in deals to get Dirt 3 for xbox 360

    I have just purchased LA Noire, not my type of game.

    Any deals, for trading in LA noire to get Dirt 3 for pretty cheap please.


    trade it in at cex for £28 cash then get dirt 3 at morrisons for £29.99. dont think there are any offers on
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    I'm also interested in any good trade in or cash prices for L.A Noire, so if anyone can beat £28 please do tell

    If you buy dirt 3 used you CANNOT PLAY ONLINE

    to play online with a USED copy of dirt 3 you need to buy a code off Live for 800 points, or £10 on PSN.

    trade LA noire in for as much as possible and get D3 at morrisons £30

    trade la noire in at gamestation for £35 store credit and 2000 points witch is £5 so you get £40
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