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    I was thinking today about how useful it would be to know the trade-in prices offered for games at Game/Blockbuster/Gamestation/CEX et al, in a centralised way. I know you can find out how much CEX offer online, but is there any way of doing the same for other stores?

    I do some web development, so was thinking about knocking something up, but won't bother if there is already something similar out there.




    CEX, is the only one i know of, I believe the overs are pretty much instore and find out job.

    If you do knock something up give us a shout :thumbsup:


    Good luck getting GAME/Gamestation/Blockbuster/HMV to agree to let you plug into their systems, but if you manage it, you are a God amongst men.

    From my time at GAME, I can tell you that trade-in prices can change 3 or 4 times in a day, so even if they were super charitable and provided you with daily lists, they would still be out of date. If they were to allow you to take this data out of their system live, then it would seriously affect their custom. GAME give awful trade-in, but people can't be bothered to shop around. You let them see how little they will get from home before heading into town, they would avoid GAME like the plague........ergo......they wouldn't allow you access.

    Another thing about trade-in is that it is all relative to what you want to spend it on. Gamestation give a better trade-in but the thing I want to buy with the credit is cheaper at HMV. What have I gained?

    The best website would combine trade-in values and the price of what you want to buy with that trade-in to give you the Net Cost for what you buy. If might be that GAME give worse trade-in, but also have the lowest price for the game you want so the Net Cost will be lower than HMV giving better trade-in by a quid but the thing you want is £5 more expensive.

    Original Poster

    I was thinking of a system where people submit what they were offered for their games. If enough people used it, it would start to be useful.

    Calculating the cheapest way to buy a game wouldn't be too difficult, but obviously it would require people submitting enough information first...

    I'm really suprised by what you said about prices changing so much each day - was that a regular thing?
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