Trade in value at GAME for a 120GB PS3 slim?

Does anyone know how much GAME are currently giving for 120GB PS3 slims? I don't really want to lug it all down to the shop to be told they'll give me a wooden button and some lint so was just wondering if anyone has traded their PS3 in recently.

Thanks in advance!


I usually give them a call to find out trade-in prices - that seems the best way!

Might be worth trying Cex too.



Playstation 3 120GB Slim Boxed

We sell for : £215.00
We buy for : £145.00
Give exchange : £161.00

Playstation 3 120GB Slim Discounted

We sell for : £205.00
We buy for : £138.00
Give exchange : £153.00

Playstation3 120GB Slim Unboxed

We sell for : £210.00
We buy for : £141.00
Give exchange : £157.0

Original Poster

Thanks chaps, will give them a call later, CEX is a last option really, takes forever to get money out of them!
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