Found 12th Mar 2008
Hi all, im looking to trade in my core 360 and replace it with a shiny (cheap) new arcade. I ve got all the accessories hard drive included which I'll keep...any ideas on what sort of figure Game, or gamestation (no CEX by me) would offer as a trade-in?


Sell it on ebay now while most people dont know about the upcoming price drops. That will mean you should get the best price.

Original Poster

I was considering that, but I don't know seems a little bit dishonest, kinda.

you will get next to nothing for it in game station as they are selling cores with a brand new game for £150, your best off with eBay

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cheers, think im gonna sell it there now.

Game take cores in for £80 trade-in

Ebay definately your best bet

Blockbuster in store credit, always good.
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