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    I am going to trade in my nintendo ds lite in either game or gamestation (depending on which is best deal) and i was just wondering if i need to have the box with it.
    I have got the charger and i think i have got the leaflets.

    So could someone please tell me what i need to trade in?



    youd probably get a better price selling it privately, why not try the forum here

    In my local game they have a box of free leaflets next to the door that tell me how much you can trade stuff in for, so they prob have the same at you local store too.

    Also does anyone know if you can trade games in for cash? because i can get £28 for burnout paradise and just wondered if i could get cash for it or have to buy another game...

    i think you can get cash but its a reduced rate

    from the booklet, it says 65 trade in value and 60 cash this is from game

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    ah thanks
    its just i dont really want to be bothered with the hassle and i want to get an xbox 360 from game at the same time.

    do you know whether i will need to have the box and leaflets with it?

    I will pay you £70 for it and throw in a 360 Game, which would be Lego Star Wars, or would give you £60 plus Bioshock for the 360?

    Just for future reference for anyone, the trade in prices change daily, dependant on how many the store and the company as a whole have in preowned stock. you currently get 60 for a ds lite, and all you need is a UK model (though not all stores know to check this), with a charger, no boxes or manuals needed. I wouldn't bother though, and sell it privately, you would get more for it that way. (I work at game btw :D)
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