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Found 14th Nov 2008
Hi guys, not really seen this on here too much and thought it might be worth giving a heads up - a lot of people on moneysavinexpert have been banging on about this site ( being better than cex and i have to agree, prices are better for selling to them significantly and they paid into my paypal account quickly enough...

Hope this is of benefit to many - including some opportunities that ive seen to arbitrage and make money trading in some of the games ive bought new once ive played them!
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forgot to mention they are on quidco meaning more money in your pocket for games sold too!
Link doesn't work!?!??!
doh... had a comma in the url - all sorted now..

better than sex?

hadnt thought abot that when i typed it out!! i shud write headlines for the likes of the sun with my double entendres..


When i submitted the deal, i had a typo in the url for the link to the site which ive sorted now. Its late and im not making sense!
I've moved this to MISC as it isn't actually a deal for a specific item, but a pointer towards a site.

Thanks :thumbsup:
Pretty high resale price on some stuff....
yeah i know hence why i havent really bought from there- but i guess the flipside is that they are paying a little more for games than the high street shops..
nice one. will have to check it out. thanks for that.
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