Tradeyourstuff-payment-credit request problems

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Found 5th Jul 2010
Has anyone had any dealings with
Was their payment-credit requests on trade-ins prompt ?
how was their customer service ? how would you rate them ?

I seem to be running into problems with them at the moment.
I traded some games in with them a short while ago,
everything was fine, they recieved the games OK
and added their payments to my tradeyourstuff account.
It is now that I want to recieve my payment-credit request
I seem to be having trouble.
I requested payment-credit request a couple of weeks ago now
and never heard anything after placing my request,
so I contacted them via their contact us system,
which said I would recieve a reply from them within 24 hours.
I waited 2 days and nothing, so I contacted them again,
direct from my email, not using their contact us system this time,
and again absolutely nothing.

As far as I can see, their is no other way of contacting them.

Any help or info greatly appreciated.

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No Telephone Number? Aint That Illegal?
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