Trading in Games instore help!

Hi, does anyone know how much Game give you back if you trade in games.

I have Zelda on the Wii that really frustrates me and I never play it, seeing as its a newish game do you think its better to sell on ebay or trade in at Game?

I am thinking of buying wario smooth moves too, better to buy on play for £30 or trade zelda for it at Game?

Thanks, im clueless on the issue :oops:


Sell Zelda in the for sale or trade board here and use the money to buy from play.

Or if you go to ] they'll give you £22 for Zelda on a exchange and you just need to stump up an extra £8 for Wario.

Game trade in prices are available here: ]http//ww…wer


Game give 25 quid for zelda as a trade.

Wii game prices have dropped VERY low, considering such a new console. You probably wo't get 25 off ebay, especially after fees and the like. Even less here.

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Thanks everyone, you have really helped

Looked at that Game link, £25 is an ok price for zelda I think, especially as the bundle I got it in works out that it was probably about £35 to start with.

The only problem is that wario is gonna be £40 in store isn't it where I could get it for a tenner less on!

I bet if I want cash they won't giveme as much as £25 for it!!
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