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    If I am looking to trade games on this site does that mean I dont have to bother trying to get prices for them? Its just I have over 150 PS1 games, and tonnes of other stuff inc consoles and will take me ages to get prices for them all so my logic is if I trade multiple items for less items will be easier to then get prices if I want to sell again, or I can try to get items my family are after and sell the trades to them?! Or is there a quick way to get average prices for gamesconsoles etc - any thoughts advice appreciated and sorry if I have asked similar before, lot going on at home and been sidetracked with other stuff and my memory is pants recently!


    quickest way i know to get prices is look at completed listings on ebay...

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    yeah just seems to take ages to look up hundreds of games, then suss out postage and paypal and take photos for probably one or two quid for most fo the games! I know it all adds up but by time I have done that I could have listed the things on fleabay and maybe end up with more even after fees cos of bidding!
    Probably just the mood I am in...have just come back from an overnight stay down London with the ex so the kids could spend time with him while he was in country getting a visa...and he was spending money like water....getting taxi's everywhere and asking if I would go back to New York with him so he can spend a bit more time with the kids and see if I thought we could get on...then my family pulling me the other way cos my nieces 3rd birthday party would be when I would be away, andthem worrying I will decide its okay over there and get back with him and relocate so they will loose me plus still waiting to get news on my housing benefit claim and trying to find somewhere cheaper to stay. My landlord will let me out of my two year lease for a lesser fee if I can move out asap but I either need 6 months rent in advance or a letter from Housing Benefit to say I am entitled to help with rent before I can get a landlord willing to take me on..Child Tax Credit put some money in my account on monday but bank charges took care of that and still dont know wat its for or how much I will get as they havent written to me yet...My nieces birthday party is at the wrong side of Aberdeen for me - means a bus ride then a train ride then another bus ride which will take over 2 hours depending on connections and the same back or I have to stay at my other sisters...never been to New York, or America or abroad in last 4 years, quite fancy it and meals out and nice time with kids, I do like seeing kids enjoying thereselves with their dad, even if he does bug me with his attitude of spending money on the kids when they are with him but being reluctant to give me regular or decent amounts of cash cos I left him - for good rason i might add...

    Oh looks like I am having a twinks style rant! Feel better for it though and am now away to bed or kids will be heading down the stairs and will still be typing!

    Nikki, if you can accept him spending on the kids(and you) i would go to New York. I would say on conditions though-you need money for clothes etc before you go, and to clear your bills-as you really couldnt go with the situation as it is. Blackmail but sounds like he needs it! tbh what your family think isnt a concern. Its your life and sounds like its not too much fun right now-so grab what you can-on your terms ofcourse!
    nieces birthday-i cant believe your family expect you to make the journey-mine wouldnt and i wouldnt do it anyway-lol

    oh and games! i have some too ps1 and 2 and looked ebay-germans seem to buy some for big money so do check ebay? or make a list on here and others can help you?
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