Trading PS4 to CEX

    I have the box and all the cables. For the price stated on the website, do they require the controller as it's looking a bit tatty with the sticks wearing?


    not sure if serious question.

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    not sure if serious question.

    Good contribution.. Why would I waste my time asking a question if it wasn't serious?

    It doesn't state whether a controller or even the cables are required. Hence why I am asking here so that I can't be stung if they don't accept the controller with worn sticks.

    because your trading in a console and you think they wouldn't ask for a controller? really?oO

    anyway here it is regarding the bit about the controller.


    What condition should my phones, electronics and other hardware be in?
    Please remove personal phone accessories like 3rd party cases. Consoles need a pad and both power and AV cables
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    Yeah, you need the controller. This page has a question about condition of products, which says "Consoles need a pad and both power and AV cables". Also this page for console grading has controller for all 3 grades. So it is required and also that page says "products we buy and sell are graded according to cosmetic condition and the accessories they come with." so the condition of the controller would impact the grading.

    If the rubber is wearing off they wont accept it.

    Just buy some replacement sticks off eBay for £1.50 ish and replace yourself. Very easy to do
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