Trading stock tax (revolut)

Posted 9th Oct

So revolut have now release trading to standard users.

I was thinking of mess around with it a bit(nothing over £100)

What are the tax rules with this?
If I make profit from it would I need to report it and pay tax?
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There was some neg comments about the Revolut trading platform posted as side comments on an unrelated recent HUKD thread. Can't remember the nature of the neg comments. The HUKD search tool is pants so no chance of easily finding that thread, but I'd guess it was sometime within 3-7 days prior to date of this post.…st/

>Since Revolut only allows you to select from two US stock exchanges, your selection of companies to invest in will be limited. Trading US shares also means you’ll have to pay 15% withholding tax on any dividends you earn (plus you’ll need to fill in a W-8BEN form).

>As you’ll be buying and selling in US dollars, you’ll need to pay attention to exchange rates. All currency transactions are made through Revolut’s multi-currency wallet using their exchange rates.
Sounds like a whole load of hassle with only an opportunity to make a few pence without investing a small fortune.
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