trading/false advertising laws

    is there any laws to which if your advertising a product i.e. an example of a good to which you say will not be in stock until a particular date then when that date comes change to out of stock then a couple of days later change back to a date to which is in stock then change to out of stock. I am talking in the sense to which it is impossible to buy as there is no in stock because they technically have no intention to bring it into stock and are using it as advertising and trying to promote there website to make it look the biggest. Also know staff that work inside it and also say they advertise stuff they do not have and have no intention in bringing in?



    I think my brain has finally melted.

    To you, to me.

    Talk to your local trading standards people

    How would you ever prove they had no stock, all they have to do is say we are getting stock on 1st Jan, build up the hype, the one they release for in stock on the 1st Jan gets sold (to a site member) then the cycle starts again.

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    well if they had stock they wouldnt state due in then change to out of stock and keep doing that over and over again. i could get screen shots that show it, a product you wait on then to be let down and you have to go else were, its this staff i knw personally cant understand why they say there getting stuff when they arent. but the thing in there releasing no stock of the item thats what im trying to say :O

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    due in Due 29/11/2010 then on the same day out of stock and i check round the clock on that day and it never moved to in stock as i would have been notified by email, then it changed later in the day to the out of stock, now it says
    In Stock 22/12/2010 and i bet you £1million it will change to out on stock then. happens with different parts and components from them, all top end expensive stuff.

    Dont use them then simples
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