traffic warden writing out a ticket but not on my car, am I still screwed?

Posted 23rd Jul 2015
I was returning to my car when I saw a traffic warden, one of those guys on a moped, typing on his hand-held devise. I ignored him, got in my car and drove off. I was slightly parked by a lowered kerb on the pavement which was my offence I guess. Shall I expect a PCN through the post?

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should be ok as long as it wasn't on your windscreen
well the normal procedure is to get issued a ticket if u were guilty of an offence. think you'll be fine.

it may have been worth asking him about it.
Cool... I know, but instinct told me to GTFO of there!
From Citizens advice;

How are PCNs issued?

The traffic warden can:

fix the ticket to your windscreen
hand a ticket to whoever seems to be in charge of the car
send it by post under certain circumstances.
By law the PCN must be issued within 28 days of when the traffic warden saw the parking rule was broken or it was caught on camera. The guidance local authorities use says they should issue the PCN within 14 days, but they do not have to follow that guidance.

If two or more penalty charge notices are issued within 24 hours, the second charge is normally cancelled.

When can the PCN be sent by post?

The PCN can be sent by post if:

it was being issued as the vehicle was driven away, or
the driver or passengers were abusive, or
evidence of the parking rule being broken was caught on camera.
Sounds like you need to plan on getting one and hope you dont
I had a similar situation once. I had heard they have to put the ticket on your car and take a picture of it there for it to be valid. With this knowledge I ran over, dived in my car and drove off quickly. That was about 8 years ago and I still haven't had a ticket or anything.
Councils now have powers to send via post to registered keeper/owner
When you go for an interview to become a traffic warden is there a basket at the door where you leave your dignity and self respect lol
Dave Cameron's tory government has increased the powers the these parking people have whether they are private or local government parking wardens.
Nothing through the post..... Yet! oO
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