Trail camera headache - trying to find one!

Posted 21st Jul 2021

On Amazon Prime Day we bought a trail camera after I'd spotted a greenfinch drinking from our bird bath. I wanted to capture him/her on camera if it came back. Plus other birds too of course. We purchased a Campark trail camera, 4k 30MP with WiFi at a really good price but had to send it back after we realised the app it used had been deleted with seemingly no replacement, but after two weeks the product page and ALL Campark products had vanished off Amazon so I couldn't ask the seller a question, leave feedback and so-on. I didn't trust the seller and couldn't use the WiFi without the app so reluctantly I returned it.

So, back to Amazon for more research and did a search for 'WiFi Trail Camera'. The top of the search and with the best reviews was a different brand. Stupidly did a quick skim-read and bought that one. It arrived next day but didn't have WiFi (genius). I wanted to view photos or videos on my phone without going into the garden, taking out the SD card and putting it in my laptop etc. So WiFi and a working app is essential.

Now i'm stuck. I've found a 24k trail cam WITH WiFi (different brand again) on Amazon but in the ASQ I saw the name of the app is 'Hunting Cam Pro'. I just installed the app without purchasing the camera and in the permissions it says it needs permission to "Allow management of all files". Not a chuffing chance do I trust that. So that's a no-go.

If anyone can help me out here I'd be very grateful. I'm after at least 24MP, 4K and it must have WiFi. Budget about £100-£120.

Thanks for reading!
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