Train and Tube rides! cheapest solution?

Hi, i will be around London next month.

Can anyone from hotukdeals give me solution on having a cheap solution to go round london by tube and train for a week period around london?
My objective is go around when i want from wherever i want.
Can you give me solutions?

By the way found this "Ticket machines charge train travellers twice the cheap fare"…ece


An oyster card! Beleive me you'll need one, for busses and trains it'll be alot cheaper for you.


get an oyster card and put a weekly travel card on it. you have to pay £2 for the oyster card but you can get it back if you turn your card in at the end of the week.

just get the zones that you need most often probably 1-2? and just top up a little bit of money on the card too, say £10 and you can get back whatever you dont use at the end of the week too. this pay as you go bit will only get used if you go out of the zones in the weekly pass.

check out for prices and a map ect

just to let you know i went to earls court last week and got charged 3 quid for an oyster card. else its 4 pound for a single trip of 4 tube stops with a card its £1.60

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thanks guys for the input!

If you put a 7 day or longer travelcard on an Oystercard then you don't pay the £3 deposit

BUT if there's more than one of you, it might be better to get a paper travelcard from a train station (NOTE not the Tube station under it). Then you can use the 2-4-1 offers on [url][/url]

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Hi all, since now i know i will be staying in kingston do you still think Oystercard will still be good? At least during the day i can get around as u said and save a lot.

Btw i bought some tickets in national express with that fun fare offer 1£ i found here on hotukdeals
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