train deal or vouchers??

    I am going to drayton manor and alton towers in july and looking to head down to thorpe park I was told it is three hours drive there and three hours back again from stoke to staines so was looking at the train but the prices are ridiculous (£140 for two adult & one child day return)
    So was wondering if anyone had any vouchers, codes or know anyway around forking out an astronomical amount of money for a day return??


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    Thanks for your help Jeany:)
    I am from Northern Ireland so dont have a rail card as I would only be using it once but it looks like my only option, it brought the price down to £80 and another £22 for the family railcard. Which is a saving of about £47
    I dont we realise how lucky we are over here with train fares as a similar trip here would only cost £50

    Thanks once again for your help jeany!!

    I don't know the date, but, for example, Saturday 11th July Stoke-on-Trent to Staines and return for 2 ad 1 ch with family railcard is possible for £59.60 plus the railcard cost.

    Here's how

    Leave Stoke at 0607 direct to Reading arriving at 0840, change and leave Reading at 0912 to arrive Staines at 0958.

    Leave Staines at 1653 and arrive Reading at 1741, change and leave Reading at 1810 direct to Stoke arriving at 2054.

    Stoke to Reading £21.85 single, Reading to Staines £15.90 return, Reading to Stoke £21.85 single.

    The overall journey time is similar-ish and there's the major advantage of not having to cross between London terminal stations.

    I have a family railcard you can have if you pm me your details. It is valid until end July and after that you can get a discounted one.
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