Train Fare from Blackpool North or Preston to London?

    Heya everyone.

    I know nothing about travelling by train, I never do it, so I could really use some help.

    I'm travelling from Blackpool or Poulton and could stretch to Preston, and heading for London. Dates of travel would be leaving early-ish on 20th November and heading back sometime on the 23rd, possibly early evening although a non-peak time would suffice.

    Any discounts, etc, that I should know about? I tried a couple of those train comparison sites in October for trains a couple of days later then for amonth in advance and the prices weren't any different. They also all seemed to be around the same price, so I think it's mainly Virgin trains over on the west coast lines? The price was £120 for two adults.

    There are two adults going. One of us may be able to get a young person's railcard if it helps but wouldn't use it much...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    A railcard would sace you 33% off the cost also things like saver returns are valid anytime even on peak trains with them. Costs about £20 I think so if you will use it to even save that much in a year go for it.

    Just had a quick look on national rail and you can buy a value advace ticket single C for £16.50 each way. Up to 1800 before the day of travel. So times by 4 and you have £66 for the both of you.

    Note these tickets will have restrictions i.e no peak trains and fixed times.

    Edit this was from Blackpool North to London, I presume any london station is okay?

    Original Poster

    Yeah, which London station is best on that line? The last time I used that service I went Preston to Euston and that's what I was using to check the fairs last month.

    I think city thameslink will prob be the cheapest, possibly kings cross.

    Tips try looking for times after 10 / 1030 when peak fares end this lasts till about 16/ 1630 then its peak again till about 2000 I think.

    National Rail on the phone are generally pretty good its an 0845 number but I have found them to be very helpful.

    Euston will be virgin, which will prob be quicker think GNER/midland mainline will be kings x and thameslink which will be cheaper. I will check and give you some prices.

    Hmm okay when booking the prices change but for 1 adult from Preston to Euston it is £51 with these times

    Outward - 20th Nov @ 11:52 arrives at 14:03 - direct train, Cost £28 each
    Return - 23rd Nov @ 20:46 arrives at 23:24 - direct train, costs £23 each

    Times may not suit you though, if you can give me a bit of a better idea I can try to find something a bit nicer.

    But the above gives a total cost of £102 for the both of you.

    Ohh sorry just one more point I dont know how esay it is if you can get a local train, bus or coach to mancheser picc you will be able to by singles to Euston for £12.50 each way.

    So you may need to change but will save a lot.

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    Ta, I have an idea of where I'm headed with this now. Manchester could be a feasible option. As could "borrowing" a child and a family railcard. ;-)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help all.

    EDIT: Managed to get a good price on the National Express coach and it works out a little bit more conveniently for me. Thanks all.

    I live in scotland and have been to blackpool a couple of times on the train booking the apex saver, very reasonable. I take they do these deals down south too. I don't think this would be any good to you this time though, as you have to book at least 2 weeks in advance. You also have to tell them what times you are traveling and stick to them,still you never know there might be a next time, just remember to book at least 2 weeks in advance, good luck.;-)
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