Train Fares, how to get the best deal?

    I have a car, I like my car, I live in London and know when to avoid peak which rare only 8:30am-9:30am and 4pm-6:30pm where I am, which for me is fine and I can avoid them so my car works. If you're not a season holder car is infinitely cheaper than train these days, for me at least.…stm

    However on the odd occasion, usually alcohol related reason, I'd like to be able to book a off peak ticket (or peak should people require) without till paying 2-5x more per mile (all costs included), the above link proves rip off britain is well in place with fares 3times the cost of mainland Europe (albeit they benefit from more train customers from international travellers, Eurostar is hardly integrated into the UK train network nor value for money)

    I'm fully aware of how the tories screwed up the trains and Gov. continued their incompetence, but surely, I'm praying someone somewhere on here knows how to play the system to get better prices.
    My general rule of thumb was to book off peak times and 2weeks+ in advance, however if people know sites that can help etc, I'm all ears...

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