Train from London to Bradford (returning same day) - just after some quick advice please, many thanks!

Hello fellow friendly forum people,
Sorry I have hardly ever travelled by train, so apologies in advance if I am asking any dumb/obvious questions.
I wish to book a train for my uncle travelling tomorrow (Monday 15 November 2010) from London to Bradford, returning the same day, as he would like to visit a friend who is seriously ill.
My uncle is over 70 years old. Are there any quick ways that he could reduce the cost of his train travel? Any other tips whatsoever from any of you more experienced with trains than me?
(I'm aware that coach travel is much cheaper but the travel time would be too long.)
Thank you very much in advance for any possible advice.



Not sure how much it will discount etc as to be honest not got time to check xx

Grand Central run trains directly between London/Bradford. Try checking them out....if you can't get any cheap "offer" tickents their standard fares are usually cheaper (and you get a free cuppa). He will be limited to their trains though.

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Becksdawe and gari189, thank you both very much for your replies. I will check out the website links that you kindly supplied.

Thanks again.

Could also be worth it to buy a direct ticket from Leeds-London and to buy a ticket from Bradford-Leeds. May be cheaper that way too? No harm in looking though.

The Grand Central route will be easier with not having to get off the train and swap at Leeds and It will most than likley be cheaper than GNER, (National Express now)

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badumtish and RickT, thank you both very much for your replies as well.

Unfortunately my uncle decided that the journey time from London to Bradford, and then back again, would be too long at this present time. Including journey times from his home to the tube station and then the train station, and all other journeys, would have meant a total travelling time in one day of about 7 hours.

However he may make use of all your kind advice for next time, and the effort you took to type your messages is still very much appreciated. Thank you all.…mes

National Rail Journey Planner should be able to give you all (most) options as you can enter what you want to do and who is travelling.

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Murielson, thank you very much for your reply.
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