train journeys with sleeping compartments????

    Are there any trains or train journeys tht you can get compartments to sleep over night. Jw coz been watching the old gene wilder film silver streak and would love a train ride where you sleep as well, as to me that would all be part of the journey. Thanks!


    London to Scotland there are some sleeper trains, I've always wanted to travel on one but gone for the convenience of flying.…tml

    i can recommend the Caledonian sleeper - went from London to Edinburgh with my dad and it was really good! they sometimes have cheap £19 each deals which is awesome... you also get a cute little breakfast in a bag and a cuppa before you get off

    This link also gives details of the London to Devon/Cornwall sleeper train as well.]http//ww…uk/


    one goes from waterloo to the french alps (called the ski train I believe)


    one goes from waterloo to the french alps (called the ski train I believe)

    Not from Waterloo or even sleepers either! Runs from St Pancras as a "normal" train.

    As for Sleeper trains in the UK, these are:

    Paddington - Penzance (Run by First Great Western)
    Below are run by ScotRail
    Euston - Edinburgh
    Euston - Aberdeen
    Euston - Glasgow
    Euston - Inverness
    and what has to be the best one Euston - Fort William. This one is just simply breath taking.

    Note that sleepers do not run on Saturday nights, just Sunday to Friday only.
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