Train of Life

    Train of Life. ~author unknown~


    Some folks ride the train of life

    Looking out the rear,

    Watching miles of life roll by,

    And marking every year.

    They sit in sad remembrance,

    Of wasted days gone by,

    And curse their life for what it was,

    And hang their head and cry.

    But I dont concern myself with that,

    I took a different vent,

    I look forward to what life holds,

    And not what has been spent.

    So strap me to the engine,

    As securely as I can be,

    I want to be out on the front,

    To see what I can see.

    I want to feel the winds of change,

    Blowing in my face,

    I want to see what life unfolds,

    As I move from place to place.

    I want to see whats coming up,

    Not looking at the past,

    Lifes too short for yesterdays,

    It moves along too fast.

    So if the ride gets bumpy,

    While you are looking back,

    Go up front, and you may find,

    Your life has jumped the track.

    Its all right to remember,

    Thats part of history,

    But up fronts where its happening,

    Theres so much mystery.

    The enjoyment of living,

    Is not where we have been,

    Its looking ever forward,

    To another year and ten.

    Its searching all the byways,

    Never should you refrain,

    For if you want to live your life,

    You gotta drive the train!


    ~~~~~~author unknown~~~~~~


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    great post

    Original Poster


    thanks for posting this snowtiger...just what I was needing...Im feeliing … thanks for posting this snowtiger...just what I was needing...Im feeliing a bit of a misery guts tonight.Rep added

    It cheered me up too today when I read it .. cant find out who it is by though ?
    Hope the night gets better for you

    Original Poster

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