Train seats?

    I am looking to book 3 tickest from hull to london return, and have been given these seats!

    Coach C, Seat 37F (Window)
    Coach C, Seat 37B (Window)
    Coach C, Seat 38B (Aisle)

    Quiet Coach A, Seat 21F (Window)
    Quiet Coach A, Seat 21B (Window)
    Quiet Coach A, Seat 22B (Aisle)

    I cannot work out the seats whatsover, as im sure the train is only 4 seats across
    Any help, and are they together?


    why would you want to return back to hull?

    bg1 loves the Cruise

    Hull Trains or East Coast?

    Original Poster


    F front facing B back facing

    ahh thank you, never thought about that!!

    They're together and around a table, so one is opposite.

    thanks also!

    Hull Trains or East Coast?

    Hull Trains!



    are you expecting the train to be packed or something?

    Original Poster

    yes, millwall away

    plus it makes me pick seats!

    Original Poster

    didn't book then, as i needed to go to rugby, but now it gives this -

    Coach C, Seat 33A (Window)
    Coach C, Seat 34A (Aisle)
    Coach C, Seat 35A (Aisle)

    what does the A mean?

    you are on a table hun so u have 3 of the 4 seats around it

    I think A stands for "airline style" ... the seats at the front of a carraige with lots of legroom.

    Original Poster

    cheers, i think that was what it was!

    i managed to book the original seats
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