train strike stopped for now but when it starts

    As stated before the train strike has been delayed for now but when it starts just type below if you use the train to commute to get to work or other reason and is the only way to get there as a union representative was on the radio earlier saying only a few people across the country would be adversely affected ie couldnt get to work and couldnt earn money.
    I would be interested to see how many on here would be affected.


    Sack them all

    FFS, I have to commute to college every day. It's a 24mile journey which takes just under half a mile. If they cancel the during term time it could mean I miss exams and important work. Don't they think of anyone but themeseleves, this could effect my whole life! If I can'tmake the exam then it could mean I don't get my place in uni, even missing a lesson can be vital.

    There isn't even a different way which I can get to college, there isn't a bus and I can't drive. There I NO parking at the college or even in the surrounding area. The parking problem I that bad they get vandalised...
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