Train ticket help if possible

    My girlfriend lives down south and this Wednesday evening is due to drive up to Liverpool from Torquay. Unfortunately yesterday she took a tumble on the street and broke her left wrist which looks like has put paid to her driving skills for a few weeks at least.

    So last night we were looking at train prices for her to travel up but we're being quoted around the £97 mark and even with getting two singles it's still around £100.

    Does anybody know of any cheap ways for obtaining train tickets with such a short timescale? Any help is much appreciated. She's here from Wednesday to Sunday. Even if it was just one way to Liverpool I'd rather drive her home on Friday and then come back up myself on Sunday in the car.

    I'd drive down to hers Wednesday but I've arranged something for her that means that she needs to be up here, plus we're looking at our new house on Friday too.

    Thanks in advance


    she should buy a rail card, available from most train ticket offices, will reduce the cost of her rail tickets quite a lot, they cost £20 odd to purchase but will last 3 years.


    confirmed it saves you 1/3 off rail fares

    Original Poster

    cheers mate, will look into it tonight.

    seriously though, someone needs to look into these rail prices, it's cheaper to fly to europe than take a 4 hour train ride. the government complain about congestion but can you blame people when the price of public transport is so high and unreliable? (steps back off soapbox)
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