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Found 4th May
I’m looking at booking a train from Manchester airport to Newcastle for a couple of weeks time. If there anyway I can get a discount on ticket prices or anything. I’ve never booked a train before so don’t know if we can get a voucher code or anything. TIA
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6 Comments will give you an idea of cost. If you are under 24 or over 60, you can buy a discount card

Then try megabus
There's also National Rail, which lists train times from all rail companies.…rch

You'll see prices vary hugely throughout the day, but booking well in advance is always cheaper.
I also split my ticket these days to get it cheaper, lots of websites around
MSE forum has a good guide on getting the best prices for train ti
I know people who travels to Manchester Victoria often and a day return is £10.90. But they often book tickets in advanced to pick them up as single tickets either way from £3. The later you leave to buy they the price starts to go up.

Don’t forget you have to travel the specific times you selected.

Day returns and open return prices are fixed.
You can split your ticket up and it might save some money. Also you can get a 16-25 national rail card if you’re a full time student saves a 1/3rd off ticket prices but can’t be used to buy tickets before 10am on weekdays so buy the night before.
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