Posted 2nd Nov 2022
Hi, Been looking forever for the right pair of everyday trainers that are comfortable for flat feet. Prefer Adidas or Nike. (looks)

Found Zoom x, infinity react 3, Air Zoom Pegs 39, Zoom structure 24 and ultraboosts all seem good, but want to know for sure which is the best for flat feet.

Ideally below £100. Thanks.
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    Yeah. Arch supports.. Can't walk without mine
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    I wouldn’t just buy random arch supports. Get refereed via your doctors to podiatry and get them made. Or plenty of private ones. Recently paid £60 for some new ones privately (edited)
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    Just get insoles that support your arch. These are the ones I use:…7fm (edited)
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    I use running shoes that cater for over-pronation, which basically means they give you better arch support. I recently picked up a pair of Asus Gel Kayanos, and I'm very impressed with them- comfortable, much lighter than my old shoes, and though I didn't choose them for their looks I reckon they look better than most running shoes too.

    Big discount here:…614
    Thanks. I've seen them and they do sound great for flat feet, but I just don't like the look of them much.
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    got flat feet from an infant. To be honest orthopedic doctor told me exercises it's main thing insoles and shoes are slowing down the issue development but not stopping it. I'm wearing Hi top shoes (basketball shoes) and insoles plus doing exercises and my feet are much better. Work wise need to wear in office proper shoes then insoles 😁 . Advice Hi Top shoes.
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